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The main reason for the unstable operation of mechanical seals-Lepu-imgEnglish
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The main reason for the unstable operation of mechanical seals-

by:Lepu     2021-05-10
The main reason for the instability of mechanical seals
The phase change of the fluid film on the end face of a mechanical seal is often one of the main reasons for its unstable operation. Especially petrochemical I: The mechanical seal for design is particularly prominent in the vapor-liquid two-phase seal. For the light hydrocarbon pumps of alkylation, catalytic cracking and platinum reforming devices, the non-balanced pump is changed to a balanced seal. According to different conditions, different flushing devices are added to increase the service life from a few bu days to one cycle or more.  234.html,

The wide range of pressure and temperature that the mechanical seal is subjected to    high temperature hot oil pump mechanical seal for oil refinery
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