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The installation position of mechanical seal is what?

by:Lepu Seal     2021-01-03
The installation position of mechanical seal is what? 2020 - 7 - 28 mechanical seal at the time of installation, we should pay attention to the installation position of mechanical seal, so what is the specific situation? Take a look at below the installation position of mechanical seal. To install mechanical seal in the machine, very good before installation, as compared with the general assembly drawing to confirm whether parts are ready to complete, then pay attention to the seal friction pair of sealing surface, sealing ring, etc have scars, defects, such as abnormal phenomena, also note and packing, sealing ring ( O ring) Such as contact surface of the shaft or the shaft sleeve, flange parts such as presence of scar, if found to have abnormal phenomenon, it must be replaced or repaired before using. When actual for installation, don't put more than required parts to the site, so, if there are any remaining after the installation parts, is the place that the installed when packing; If lack of parts, it means the place where it is unnecessary to assemble the parts, it also will have the effect of the self-checking when installation.
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