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The importance of mechanical seals to daily safety-

by:Lepu     2021-05-10
The importance of mechanical seals to daily safety
Fluid mechanical seals, including fluid static seals and dynamic seals, are an important part of the machines and equipment produced, and are indispensable parts in fluid power machinery and process equipment. As government management departments at all levels of the country pay more and more attention to safety, and the existence of a large number of mechanical seals, its leakage is a serious threat to daily safety; as the public's awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, especially since the new century, the atmosphere The importance of pollution, water pollution and one’s own health has begun to propose the control of leaked volatile substances, and gradually banning asbestos-containing sealing materials; to improve the economic efficiency of the system, sealing products are also required to have higher reliability and performance Price ratio. These reasons make the improvement of fluid sealing technology of great significance for most industrial technology fields.  182.html,

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