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The four characteristics of sealed cavity RGL corrosion -

by:Lepu Seal     2020-04-06
Seal chamber RGL erosion refers to produce intense hydraulic oscillation around the mechanical seal, drive the seals, occur axial reciprocating motion, the seal has been severely damaged. Cavitation damage to seal degree, is more serious than pump fit. Due to cavitation in with liquid gas ratio, so the pump to the failure of mechanical seal is like in a sealed cavity RGL corrosion may also occur. In addition to the following phenomenon, one of the following phenomenon, is the result of a sealed cavity RGL erosion. 1. Static ring off normal or stop pin bending; 2. Ring sealing ring ( 4 f - V) In the lips curling; 3. Ring got stuck 'smoke' in the driving seat, play 賛 lost; 4. When friction pair has a made of brittle material, Such as broken silicon) , due to 'knock' on tight sealing face and appear weak exfoliate on corrosive media can choose built in seal. About the strong corrosion medium of spring in the elastic element choice question is not easy to handle, can choose a seal outside, low pressure when applicable. About easy crystallization and easy to solidification and high viscosity, should choose a single large spring structure, it is better than multiple points scattered small spring structure, because this is not easy to jam. With combustible, easy to blasting and toxicity of commodity, it is necessary to think about double cascade or multistage seal, in order to ensure that must be sealed.
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