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The effects of temperature on mechanical seal

by:Lepu Seal     2020-12-13
The effects of temperature on mechanical seal - 2020 3 - 3 in our life, the temperature for the mechanical seal is a big impact, if don't understand these effects, for the use of mechanical seal is unfavorable. So are mainly reflected in what respect? Here to understand together. 1. Temperature makes the thermal deformation of dynamic and static ring, leakage increase, wear; 2. Liquid film vaporization between temperature make the seals, wear, make the seal failure: 3. Auxiliary seal ring aging temperature, deterioration and failure; 4. Temperature also contributed to the medium corrosion of mechanical seal; 5. Of synthetic resin impregnated graphite increases as the temperature, the performance degradation due to resin carbonized, leaching of metal graphite ring, leakage by metal melting. Saw the above content, believe everybody already knows the temperature effect on the mechanical seal.
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