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The effect of the mechanical seal root element

by:Lepu Seal     2020-03-29
Conflict, deputy to ensure fit closely, constitute the sealing surface in order to avoid leakage of medium. This is request conflict of pumps with mechanical seal pair should have outstanding wear resistance; Ring to axial movement, active counter sealing surface wear, with outstanding static ring compression; Static ring have on buoyancy buffer effect. 2) The elastic element ( Spring, corrugated pipe, gap, etc. ) It first counter, preloaded and buffer effect, is also in the seals reasonable elements of a specific pressure. Request it of cauldron-using machinery sealing always adhere to the flexibility to overcome for sealing and transmission parts of inertia, the conflict and ring to ensure end conflict pair of outstanding compression and ring counter effect. 3) For the seals, O-ring, v-shaped ring, wedge ring and other special-shaped seal ring) It first have to stop a relatively sealing effect, also play together and buffering effect. Request of static ring for can ensure static ring and the sealing between the gland seal and make the seal ring has bound to the buoyancy; Request ring for sealing components can ensure the sealing between the collar and sleeves. Data should have heat-resistant, hardy function and compatibility with medium to touch
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