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The development of the mechanical seal performance

by:Lepu Seal     2020-12-11
2019 - the development of the mechanical seal performance 8 - The development of the 21 mechanical seal ability in what respect? The development of mechanical seal is supposed to be? Just follow below small make up together to get to know. 1. Dynamic sealing system for shaft rotation, most still use ordinary standard oil seal on the market, when the shaft rotary dynamic seal equipment design requirements, pressure model of the pressure of oil seal seals provide stress levels in 1 to 3000000 mpa, while imports of seal can provide 10 million mpa pressure level, for at least 3 times more than domestic products, for dynamic hydraulic pressure oil seals, there is no shaft rotation in mechanical seal has widespread application in the system. 2. To the design of the static sealing systems, phasing out the plant fiber and asbestos material of seal products, but for chemical polymer seals, but not commonly used in some liquid static sealing device, the current domestic hydraulic rubber seals, rubber seals of anaerobic, can be used in hydraulic mechanical seal system equipped with homebred brand that seal is less, and level and quality of manufacture process stability and imported seals have very big difference. Mechanical seal 3. For the reciprocating motion of the hydraulic cylinder sealing system, now on the market of the vast number of domestic engineering hydraulic machinery, the design of dynamic sealing system of the main hydraulic cylinder seal, u-shaped seal is generally adopted. In the 90 s after engineering hydraulic machinery, hydraulic cylinder reciprocating dynamic sealing system design, began to use more sophisticated U circle and coaxial sealing components of composite design. Relatively mature in the current international design have five pieces of composite ring, combination of 4 pieces, 3 pieces, 2 pieces of composite composite circle and so on, the application of the hydraulic cylinder piston, with support ring combination ring as sealing components making the state of the art is more complex, the design of domestic manufacturing capacity is not for mass production, the quality of the composite circle level is poor. See the above content, believe that everyone has ability to know the development of the mechanical seal performance.
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