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The design of the mechanical seal is not reasonable

by:Lepu Seal     2020-12-29
The design of the mechanical seal unreasonable problems - 2020 11 - 23 mechanical seal at the time of design, if it is not reasonable, so will lead to leakage, then design should be how to do? Here are together and see it. 1. Install the ring seal shaft ( Or collar) End face and static ring sealing ring installation gland ( Or shell) Should end chamfering and light, to avoid bruising of dynamic and static ring sealing ring when assembly. 2. Amount of spring compression must be done according to the rules, there is no too big or too small, error of plus or minus 2 mm, increase large amount of compression of the end face specific pressure, friction heat is overmuch, cause and accelerate the end face sealing surface thermal deformation wear, too little amount of compression of dynamic and static ring end face specific pressure is insufficient, is not sealed. Looked at the above content, believe everybody already knows the results of the mechanical seal design is not reasonable.
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