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The decisive factor of mechanical seal sealing ability-

by:Lepu     2021-05-10
The decisive factor of mechanical seal sealing ability
For mechanical seals to improve the sealing ability and expand the sealing parameters, first of all, it is determined by the achievements of mechanical seal materials science. Sealing ability is a comprehensive index, which is largely determined by material deformation and strength performance. Of course, for different sealing structures, the requirements for the deformation performance of the sealing material are also different. The concept of sealing capability includes the property of the sealing material to maintain the initial contact pressure when the seal is in use. From this point of view, the flexibility, plasticity, and fluidity of the material are not sufficient conditions for the material to have a high sealing ability. Under the action of mechanical load, the material has elasticity and maintains its original shape, so as to maintain a quiet contact pressure, which is the most ideal sealing material.  245.html,

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