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The composition and working principle of mechanical seal-

by:Lepu     2021-04-11
The composition and working principle of mechanical seal
Whether it is a single-end machine seal or a double-end machine seal, whether it is a cartridge type or a non-containment type, whether it is built-in or external, all mechanical seals are composed of two parts, namely dynamic seals The two types of seals are complementary to the static seal (see the figure). The two seals are indispensable. Analysis of the two types of seals shows that the dynamic seal relies on the contact between the end faces of the seal and keeps the seal while rotating. The static seal is not completely static. The moving ring will produce slight axial movement under the action of the compression spring, and the O-ring responsible for static sealing will ensure the seal between the moving ring and the sleeve under the slight movement of the moving ring.
Leaking mechanical seals are nothing more than problems with two seals. According to the actual working conditions of the slurry pump: vibration, rotation speed, cooling water quality, mechanical seal running time, and the size of the leakage after leakage, etc. Roughly determine where the mechanical seal is leaking, analyze the cause of the leak, and formulate a corresponding maintenance plan. In addition, after the mechanical seal leaks, you can also disassemble the sealed gland to directly observe the damage inside the mechanical seal, and judge whether the compression spring is still working properly according to the pressure of the static ring of the mechanical seal on the moving ring of the mechanical seal. In addition, the online disassembly of the mechanical seal to check whether the repair conditions are available takes a short time and is not laborious. After the inspection, if the mechanical seal really needs to be replaced, it will not delay the replacement time.  201.html,

The research and development of mechanical seals have now shown two main directions (two)    common damaged parts of mechanical seals
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