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The application of metal bellows mechanical seal

by:Lepu Seal     2020-12-23
The application of metal bellows mechanical seal - 2016 10 - 12 in stirred tank and pump mechanical seal rotation class a equipment such as widely used. The conventional spring type mechanical seal because of the price is cheap, simple structure, easy to use, swept - basically The use of 15 ~ 150 ℃ under the condition of working condition; If the material to allow cooling, between 150 ~ 200 ℃, can also use the spring type mechanical seal; And the bellows mechanical seal are above 200 ℃ or - 50 ℃ below fields are widely used. So, because in the high, Low) Temperature conditions, the spring type mechanical seal auxiliary seal ring will appear failure, such as rubber auxiliary seal ring will happen in the heat aging, will appear in the low temperature embrittlement phenomenon; Tetrafluoroethylene auxiliary seal ring under high temperature thermal deformation, appeared in the low temperature cold flow, so the metal bellows mechanical seal under extreme temperature have to be used. In fact, metal bellows mechanical seal without auxiliary dynamic sealing ring, relative to the spring type mechanical seal to reduce the leakage point, significantly improved reliability, used as the obvious advantages of the shaft sealing system. But the bellows mechanical seal manufacture cost is relatively high, affected by economic factors, the application of metal bellows mechanical seal is confined to the working conditions of high and low temperatures, not fully exerting the advantages of high reliability. By the rapid development of metal corrugated pipe manufacturing technology over the recent years, many domestic manufacturers are able to manufacture, as a result, the price of the metal bellows mechanical seal, it also promoted the metal bellows mechanical seal under the condition of temperature applications. The author applied in different occasions at room temperature of metal bellows mechanical seal achieved good using effect, think metal bellows mechanical seal under some special conditions is worth extending application. Metal bellows mechanical seal with no auxiliary dynamic sealing ring, reducing the leak point, relative to improve reliability. Change the traditional concept, in certain temperature medium used in metal bellows mechanical seal, can obtain satisfactory sealing effect. When price is better than the spring mechanical seal, promote the use of metal bellows mechanical seal was worth it. Author: wenzhou mill machinery equipment co. , LTD. Web site: WWW. rmjxmf。 Com keywords: mechanical seals, pumps with mechanical seal, kettle with mechanical seal
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