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thai cave rescue nearly ended in disaster. 20 rescuers were still inside

by:Lepu Seal     2019-12-30
The pump was out of order and Commander Chai Yanta peranon heard the alarm shout, the final stage of an unprecedented operation aimed at bringing 12 Thai boys and their coaches
The 60-year-old former Navy SEAL said he was the last to leave Tham Luang cave after 12 \"Wild Boars\" and their football coach were safely removed
The day ended in jubilation on Tuesday.
But the mission, which relies on the expertise of foreign elite divers and Thai Navy SEALs, has almost turned into a disaster.
Not long after the last four boys and 25 boysyear-
Late Tuesday afternoon, the old coach was brought out, the pump failed in an area between the two rooms, and 20 rescuers stayed in and filled them with water.
\"All of a sudden, Australians in charge of the area began shouting that the pump had stopped working,\" Chaiyananta told AFP . \".
\"If you don\'t use a pump in that place, you can only come out with an oxygen tank,\" he said . \" He added that the rest had no diving equipment in their hands.
\"When the last diver left, the water had reached the head level, almost to the point where he needed an oxygen tank.
\"After they first entered in June 23, heavy rain flooded Tham Luang cave, which blocked the football team.
Thai junta leader PrayuthO-
To keep the kids calm, Cha said on Tuesday, they were given a \"slight amount of calming agent \".
But Cheyenne\'s job was to help the children move between room two and room three, and he said they were all \"sleeping\" on a painful journey \".
\"We just need them to know how to breathe and not panic in the water,\" he said . \".
The video released by the SEAL team shows boys who seem inclined-
At least one full dive mask and diving suit--
Stretch along the jagged channel.
Doctors, divers and other rescue workers were posted on twisted corridors, using ropes, pulleys and rubber piping systems to pass through the boys.
Two days before the dramatic rescue operation began, another retired SEAL, Saman Kunan, died while trying to set up an oxygen tank in a flooded tunnel.
Saman\'s death was the only victim of the operation, and he was widely mourned.
His widow, Valeepoan, posted a photo of her hug with Saman on Instagram.
It took a long time to retrieve the wild boar.
All of them recovered at a hospital in Chiang Rai province in northern Thailand, and the video showed several of them in good spirits, waving and flashing the peace sign on the camera.
The exact mechanism for the rescue bid was closely protected during the operation, but details have since been reduced.
Includes the ability to install a guide line that contributes to low visibility, as well as previous experience in international operations.
But one of the most unlikely rescue operations has become a key figure ---
Richard Harry Harris, diving and anesthesia Australia
Later on Wednesday, Thailand\'s head of rescue, naronsak osotanaka, told reporters that without him, \"the mission may not be successful \".
Adelaide-based Harris medical company website says he is a person who combines \"adventurous taste with his medical practices and a lifelong interest in the underwater world.
In a statement, Harris and his diving partner Craig charlen were pleased with the success of the hard work.
\"When we first got involved, the positive results that had been achieved were almost beyond our imagination,\" they said . \".
Two of the 13 front-line foreign expert divers, a pair of British Richard Stanton and John wallanson, were the first to put the team in Tham lu within nine days of their entry
As part of the hero\'s sending, wallanson was given a standing ovation --
They left Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok on Wednesday.
\"We were able to do the work we were asked to do,\" said the diver, who, like most divers, worked to avoid the media in a mission defined by steel-like determination.
When asked if he had information for Thai children, he told them not to enter the cave when it rained, which caused laughter.
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