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by:Lepu Seal     2019-11-04
There are different kinds of mechanical seals on the market, depending on the application they need and participate in.Teflon seal, as the name suggests, is a backup to prevent rubber o-extrusionRing seal system.It also has multiple shapes and sizes that can help you with your workfree.
This is a common phenomenon for rubber o-Especially in today\'s fluid systems, this system is a combination of high pressure and high temperature.In this case, the Teflon backup ring is preventing o-ring extrusion.One of the main quality of these seals is the striking reduction in the friction coefficientEfficiency, in fact, this may be the lowest in any other type of sealing assist.
As a sealing material, Teflon has a variety of applications.Good corrosion resistance, stable physical properties and temperature durability give it excellent sealing performance.Therefore, it is very suitable for the following industries such as oil, chemistry, electricity and steel.
The range of suitable media is also very wide, including water, oil, acid and other chemical liquids.PTFE seals are typical applications.These Teflon seals are ideal for backup rings in aerospace applications, especially aerospace standard-568A unified numbering system.Teflon guarantees the quality of these types of seals as they add flexibility in size selection and have been successfully approved by fluid system designers.
These varieties are easy to use for sealing systems that often suffer from severe work cycles, or sealing systems with a pressure of more than 3,000 psi and a temperature of more than 275 degrees Fahrenheit.A material widely praised for its low friction coefficientEfficient Teflon seals are widely used in many types of engineering processes.It helps reduce costs by increasing the daily life of important functional components, providing excellent sliding and wearing as well as tear-resistant frames.
One of the most common industrial coatings used today is Teflon.Its list of common applications is almost endless, although it is important to realize that not all types of seals can be the best choice for all sealing solutions.Before choosing teflon seals and coatings, you should learn as much as possible about the history and development of this coating.
There are many industries that are sealed with four fluorine.Teflon sealing products also provide long-lasting valve sealing due to their acid resistance and heat resistance.Due to the important properties of the seal, it can be used where other materials are insufficient or inappropriate.
Darcoid also offers custom teflon seals and spare rings.This is to cater to customers with individual specifications with special requirements.Darcoid Nor-Cal Seal also has a large number of special and high quality machine and molded Teflon products such as piston seals, buffer seals, seat seals, scraper, valve seals, o-Ring, die-cut gasket, hydraulic seal, fluid power seal, fabric enhanced diaphragm, Parker series products and V filler for various industry requirements such as aerospace, General fluid power industry, etc, food, beverage, medicine, medical and other industries.
Darcoid Nor-Cal Seal is a world-renowned business and is a leading supplier of customized Teflon products, offering a full range of features in the production of Teflon parts, including seals, washers, rings or any other necessaryDarcoid Seals provides sealing solutions for applications in the automotive, aerospace, semiconductor, medical, instrument and meter and process control industries, and offers inexpensive solutions to design problems
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