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Stainless steel seal will be the mainstream of seal

by:Lepu Seal     2020-03-23
Seal is a common seal products, its role is to prevent liquid or solid particles from the adjacent joint surface between leak and prevent external impurities into the internal mechanical equipment. Don't look at the seals are small, but it is widely used in national defense, chemical, oil and machinery manufacturing and other major industries of national economy, so although sealing industry is the smallest domestic industry, but it is occupy a quite important position in national economic development. Can say where the machinery, pump valve, pipe, valve industry, cannot leave the seals, to see the seals is indispensable. Traditional seal material is rubber, mostly because of the rubber sealing performance is good, makes the rubber seal has excellent sealing performance, but due to the nature of rubber has been aging, lead to general life is short, rubber and plastic seal cannot be recycled after another rubber aging, causing a large amount of waste, is not in conformity with the concept of sustainable development of social environmental protection today. So people are looking for new material to replace rubber and plastic seals, through the comparison of various aspects, found that the stainless steel material made of stainless steel seal besides sealing performance, whether it is price, cycle and stability is far better than the rubber seal. So the developed countries in Europe, replaced by stainless steel seal of rubber and plastic seal. Stainless steel mechanical seals
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