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Stainless steel seal in the seal industry

by:Lepu Seal     2020-03-22
In sealing industry in China is known to all is a minimum of industry, but instead seal industry products and the industrial phase. Both defense industry of aviation, navigation, and petroleum chemical industry machinery, power generation, etc. , products - cannot leave the sealing industry The seals. Can say that anyone who has machines, pumps, pipes, valves, is inseparable from the seal. Despite being small, so don't see the sealing industry is unable to or lack of a business. The traditional seal is made of rubber material, which mostly are the benefits of this design is can guarantee the sealing performance of seal, but due to the nature of rubber has been aging, makes the packing sealing will be affected. And stainless steel seal is a new type of seal, it is made of stainless steel material, compared with the traditional rubber and plastic seals, and its chemical stability, will not affect the sealing performance of a seal rubber aging, at the same time, the sealing performance of it is relatively good. Therefore stainless steel seal after the advent of numerous industry of rubber and plastic seals replaced by its vast. Believe that the stainless steel seals will in sealing industry belongs to occupy their own stage. Stainless steel mechanical seals
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