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Stainless steel mechanical seal installation requirements

by:Lepu Seal     2020-03-28
Pump with stainless steel seals are known as mechanical seal, it is a kind of precision and complex mechanical components. As a kind of seal, need to use for a long time, the inevitable will be damaged, need to replace and reinstall. In order to ensure the quality of installation, the following, there is a stainless steel seals factory installed under the small make up give you a brief introduction of some of the requirements. Stainless steel mechanical seals, sealing parts 1 parts must conform to the requirements of the drawings. 2, check the ring. Check ring and shaft sleeve, sleeve surface finish is in line with the requirements of any scratches, damage, etc. , ring and static ring radial clearance, etc. 3, static ring gland with seal chamber check back orifice of shaft centerline concentricity tolerance is zero. 4 mm, contact with the gasket the shaft center to plane straightness tolerance of 0. 02mm~0. 03mm 100mm /。 4, both ends of the center line of the spring and the perpendicularity error to 1/100 or less. 5, check the sealing ring. 6, check the pump shaft. 7, check the concentricity of coupling.
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