Sliding speed of mechanical seal-

by:Lepu     2021-04-10
Sliding speed of mechanical seal
Sliding speed V of mechanical seal:
The influence of sliding speed on wear of most friction materials in the case of high-pressure mechanical seal abrasive wear is as follows:

Due to the bridge loss disk 'per loss speed X time, there are:

This shows that the amount of wear is proportional to the friction stroke L, and does not depend on the sliding speed V. In fact, as long as the increase in sliding speed has not caused a sharp increase in temperature on the friction surface, the sliding speed will reduce friction and wear. Because the sliding speed determines the time for the surface friction connection point to act, if the time is short, the material will not be deformed in time, and the friction and wear will be small. If the sliding speed is very high, the surface temperature will increase, which will affect the thermal conductivity and mechanical properties of the material, which will intensify wear. The effect of sliding speed on wear is caused by changes in material properties through frictional heat. The method of controlling the PV value of the working surface is often used in engineering calculations to ensure the normal working state of the friction pair.  413.html,

The size of the mechanical seal load (unit pressure)    the surface roughness of the mechanical seal
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