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Sequence of removing the mechanical seal

by:Lepu Seal     2022-01-21

In order to obtain better efficiency and reduce energy consumption in mechanical equipment, mechanical seals will be installed on the equipment. However, when the equipment fails, it will be disassembled to determine the cause of the failure. At this time, the seal cannot avoid the need for disassembly. Many users fail because they do not master the correct disassembly sequence. Let's talk about its correct disassembly sequence.
1. Install three positioning blocks.
2. Loosen the positioning screws and driving screws on the positioning ring.
3. Loosen the flushing nozzle and the gland bolt.
4. Take out the mechanical seal.
After the corresponding equipment maintenance items or repairs are completed, the mechanical seal must be installed in the correct order so that it can continue to function.
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