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Selection of mechanical seal gasket-

by:Lepu     2021-05-13
Selection of mechanical seal gasket
Selection of mechanical seal gasket:
The heat and corrosion resistance of 126 mechanical seal metal gasket material has a great influence on its application range. Table 3-2 lists the maximum service temperature of some commonly used metal materials for gaskets.

The hardness of the metal gasket also affects its sealing performance. Generally, the hardness of the gasket should be lower than the normal surface hardness by HB30~50. In this way, after the bolts are tightened, deep indentations will not appear on the flange sealing surface. Figure 3-11 shows the relationship between the hardness of the metal gasket and the compression stress required for sealing. Table 3-3 lists the highest hardness of commonly used metal materials for gaskets.

Mechanical seal octagonal gasket and oval gasket    the wide range of mechanical seal applications in different industries and mining
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