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Sealing material improvement effects on seal life

by:Lepu Seal     2020-03-31
Machine itself exists cylinder center and the crosshead slide center right is congenitally deficient, the piston rod deflection and vibration, had a great influence on the packing. Boot time not more than 15 min, could be up to 80 ℃, the temperature change new packing in time for a week, sometimes need to repair. To packing sealing ring from manufacturers of goods is driving down a perfectly straight incision, so the first packing chamber leakage quantity is small, pressure difference is very big, so wear soon, soon lose sealing function. In turn, wear failure quickly. And seal ring inner and outer ring is easy to release. Sealing ring circumferential opening gap is too small, generally the inner ring s = LMM, outer ring s' = 1. 2 mm, not compensation after wear and tear, and can also cause deformation of inner diameter tight hoop on the piston rod. Press difference is very big, this kind of circumstance soon wear and tear, and the inner ring will hoop on the piston rod, cause inside and outside the circle of the axial displacement, serious when the strain of the piston rod. Sealing ring and sealing box side clearance is too small, a general 0. 14 mm, make the seal ring and packing chamber pressure is small, and limited ring axial thermal expansion, and packing box of friction cannot make ring and the rod joint, bilge dead air leakage, sealing function is greatly reduced. The piston rod surface treatment is not clean, easy cut ring is the inner ring, untight seal. Stuffing box with this surface is not smooth, cause excessive clearance and leakage. Spring force is too tight, the sealing ring after warming cannot free expansion, wear faster. Cooling water, circulating water is dirty, easy to jam, loss of cooling. Cooling water, stuffing box will rapid heating up, if not timely discovery, downtime, may burn out packing seal ring and the piston rod. Maintenance when grinding and assembly quality is bad, such as cut incision into chamfering edge, or dislocation of incision, and so on all can cause air leakage. When new change after sealing ring, no-load running in, afraid of temperature is too high, so can't continuous operation for a long time, to the piston rod, stuffing box parts with the wind, to reduce temperature, unable to measure temperature, can only ensure the running in low temperatures, but extend the running-in time. Double seal has axial double end face seal and radial double end face seal. Along the radial arrangement of double end face sealing structure is more compact axial double end face seal. Double end face sealing medium itself for poor lubricity, toxic, flammable, explosive, volatile, containing abrasive particle and gas, etc. Axial double end face sealing face to face or back to back arrangement of structure, working to introduce higher than medium between the two to face pressure to zero. 05 ~ 0. 15 mpa sealing liquid to improve the lubrication and cooling conditions between end face, and the dielectric isolation with the outside world, possible medium 'zero leakage.
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