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Seal the seal system under high pressure characteristics

by:Lepu Seal     2020-12-22
Seal the seal system under high pressure 2017 - should have characteristics 1 - 4 seals primary seal system under the characteristics of high pressure should be: through the analysis of the hydraulic system, main sealing system under high pressure, should have the following features: ( 1) Resistance to high pressure, the seal material should have high mechanical strength. ( 2) Low friction and wear, seal materials should have lower friction coefficient and mechanical seal of high wear resistance, seal mechanical seal design to ensure that it works in good lubrication condition. ( 3) Oil return ability strong, can ensure that out of the oil film in return back to within the system, realize the dynamic balance, to prevent the formation of back pressure. ( 4) Pressure function, namely, the seals have the function of check valve, the system pressure is low or reduced to zero, one thousand had formed back pressure can come down soon, prevent the occurrence of trapped oil phenomenon. Deputy seal as of the second seal, under low pressure or under pressure, main function is to block through primary seal oil film, zero leakage, deputy seal should have the following features: ( 1) Low pressure sealing performance is good. ( 2) Low friction and wear small. ( 3) Can short time system under high pressure, the bad working conditions in the formation of back pressure, also can work reliably. Author: wenzhou mill machinery equipment co. , LTD. Web site: WWW. rmjxmf。 Com keywords: mechanical seals, pumps with mechanical seal, kettle with mechanical seal
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