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Seal takes care of the environment

by:Lepu Seal     2020-03-27
1) Control the duration of rubber seals easily natural aging. Rubber seals of the actual service life shall be equal to the sum of the storage period and operating period, to extend the working life, will have to shorten the duration between products from manufacturing to use, will control the seal into the library and outbound time lag, play a biggest role only in this way can make the seals. 2) Seals should avoid to be placed at room temperature is higher, direct sunlight, moisture and air convection. 3) The seals are not allowed to be stacked, hanging, lest produce permanent deformation. 4) Recorded on the bag to seal manufacturing, and used in storage within the time limit for delivery. 5) After the seal into polyethylene bag, seal stored in a cool, dark place. 6) The duration is one year, more than the duration of seal check processing, not the quality requirements should be scrapped.
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