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Seal design conditions and requirements

by:Lepu Seal     2020-03-23
1, the design of the mechanical seal condition (1) using the type and amount of shaft seal of pump shaft seal parts; (2) working parameters, including pressure, temperature, speed (zhou Rotation speed and diameter of axle) ; (3) medium properties: including the medium density, viscosity, saturated vapor pressure, particle size and concentration of solid particles, corrosive, PH) And crystallization, aggregation and decomposition conditions; (4) characteristics of the host: continuous operation, stop, cycle times, steering; (5) the host work environment: installed in indoor or outdoor, the environment and atmosphere, environment temperature and pressure, including pollution, corrosion, vibration, use of coolant, lubricants and other environmental conditions and position of the shaft sealing, etc. 2, 1) to determine the host to the requirement of mechanical seals of mechanical seal leakage, leakage points, without the permission of the leaking direction ( Of leakage or leakage) Requirements, etc, to ensure production running safely and reliably; (2) the service life of the mechanical seal, mechanical seal wear resistance, corrosion resistance, temperature tolerance and resistance to vibration as a result, the petroleum chemical industry enterprise, request machine pump shaft seal life is long, guarantee continuous production processing equipment; (3) the reliability of the mechanical seal and stability; (4) a host of mechanical seal parts profile restrictions on the size and structure conditions; (5) save energy consumption and material consumption; 6. Operation and the stability of the production process; All landowners materials and prices.
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