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Rubber O-ring for mechanical seal-

by:Lepu     2021-04-11
Rubber O-ring for mechanical seal
Rubber O-ring of mechanical seal:
When choosing a rubber O-ring seal, it can usually be selected according to the standard. There are two installation methods for the rubber O-ring seals: one is to be compressed only in the radial direction in the non-working state, and the compression amount should be 8%~13%; the other is to be radially and axially in the non-working state When both are compressed, the radial compression should be 4%~5%. Considering the best stress state of the rubber O-ring seal, it is recommended to use the installation method of radial compression.
Rubber O-ring is the most ideal auxiliary sealing ring with good air sealing performance. However, due to the limitation of temperature resistance and corrosion resistance of rubber materials, its use range has certain limitations. The operating temperature varies with the rubber material, see Table 2-11.
Table 2-11 Operating temperature of O-rings of different rubber materials

The size of the rubber O-ring seal must be compatible with the relevant size of the seal. Figure 2-13 shows the dimensions of rubber O-rings and related parts. The compression amount of the rubber O-ring seal after the installation method of radial compression should be appropriate. When expressed by the compression rate, the compression rate of the ordinary rubber O-ring seal is 5%~10% of the cross-sectional diameter, which is the interference of the shaft. The amount is 1%~3%. Table 2-12 shows the recommended size and compression ratio of rubber O-rings. The compression rate of the rubber O-ring is guaranteed by controlling the size of the sealing ring installation groove. The dimensions of the installation groove are shown in Figure 2-14.
Figure 2-13 The dimensions of rubber O-rings and related parts
Figure 2-14 Dimensions of the installation groove of the rubber O-ring seal
Table 2-12 Recommended size and compression ratio of rubber O-rings

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