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recalls this week: log splitters, activity center

by:Lepu Seal     2020-02-13
Products recalled this week include hydraulic log points, which itters may fall off and hurt others during use.
There is also a children\'s activity center with knobs, which is dangerous for horses to suffocate, and for horses, it can cause riders to lose control of animals, causing falls and injuries.
Take a closer look at the following: Crary Industries Inc.
The ECHO Bear Cat brand hydraulic log separator with model LS27270 and LS27270T, with date code of 012908.
The model is printed on the main beam of the log splitter.
The date code is stamped on the hydraulic cylinder near the capping end.
Reason: The end cover of the hydraulic cylinder can be separated from the body of the log diverter, which is dangerous to the user or the bystander.
Accident: three reported hydraulic cylinder caps were separated, injuring one person.
How much: about 120.
MORE: Call Crary Industries 888-625-
4520 or visit www. Bearcatproducts.
Co CENTERDETAILS mCHILDREN\'s activities: imagination, details-
Side activity center with two triangles
The two ends of the piano and the Mirror.
Three sides are square.
Includes movable block letters, rotating gears, and sliding shapes.
The model number is 46284, printed on the back of the product box.
Reason: The small wooden knob connecting the piano key to the end can be separated, posing a risk of suffocation for young children.
Event: Report of separation of eight knobs, but no report of injury.
How much: about 24,000.
For more information: Call toy fight city, Tel: 800-869-
7787 or visit www. toysrus.
Com/safetyWIRE mouth seat HORSESDETAILS: Sales of horse riding with bridle for happy mouth line positions from July 2003 to April 2012.
The drill bits are woven with steel wire and pass through the plastic mouth, most of which have a metal ring at each end.
Models 46 2172ss, 46 2177ss, 46 2181ss, 46 2184ss, 464123SS, 466898SS, 46690
The model can be found on the label on the product.
Reason: The Wire-woven wire in the mouthpiece connecting the bit on both sides of the horse\'s cheeks may wear, rust or wear, which may cause the bit to break.
If this happens, the rider may lose control and fall off right away.
Event: 4 reports of broken thread heads and injuries including fractures and fractures.
How much: about 3,400.
For more information: Call 866-569-1600, send emailmail to hmbits(at)
Supply in the UK.
Or visit www.
Supply in the UK.
Comcoffeemakers details: Black and Decker space manufacturers designed for installation under cabinets. The 12-
The Cup coffee pot is a glass with its molded handle in the same color as the machine and a silver metal bracket around the bottom glass.
Products are sold between July 2008 and May 2012, models include SDC740, SDC740B, SDC740BR, SDC740C, SDC740DIS, sd
Reason: the handle of the coffee pot breaks, causing wounds and burns.
Incident: 1,276 reports of broken handle, including 68 reports of burns and cuts.
How much: about 159,000.
For more information: Call 866-708-
7846 or visit www. acprecall.
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