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Reaction kettle of the sealing device which two, what are the advantages and disadvantages

by:Lepu Seal     2020-12-23

reaction kettle seal equipment used in the reaction kettle seal equipment for the dynamic seal structure, there are mainly two kinds of packing seal and mechanical seal. Mechanical seal and stuffing box sealed contrast one. Seal, mechanical seal will not leak during a longer using little or leakage. Clean, no dead Angle, can avoid bacterial contamination. two Long use life, accurate choice conflict load pressure mechanical seal can be used 2 ~ 5 years, the longest useful to 9 years. 3. Maintenance cycle is long, in the case of normal mechanical seal standard work, don't need to repair. Four. Shaft or sleeve is not subject to wear and tear. Five. Conflict of power consuming less, usually about 10-50% of gland seal six. The precision of the mechanical seal on the shaft and finish packing request if you have a strict, to the axis of rotation reaction kettle mechanical seal of the oscillator is for shell hole and shaft deflection insensitive, the axial vibration of sensitivity is small. Seven. Applicability is wide and can be used in low temperature, high temperature, high vacuum and high pressure, various rotational speed as well as corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, inflammable, explosive, toxic medium sealing. Defect: (1) More complex, for processing requests high 2) To install and replace contrast, request the workers must be technical level 3) Accidental accident occurs, processing more difficult.
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