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Pumps with mechanical seal seal flushing method and characteristics

by:Lepu Seal     2020-03-25
Scour the purpose is to avoid impurity concentration, avoid air bag forming, adhere to the fire pump mechanical seal, and improve the smooth, when flushing fluid temperature is low, and multistage pump mechanical seal cooling effect. Today is to introduce the pumps with mechanical seal flushing method and characteristics. Pumps with mechanical seals, scour within 1. Is washed, 1) Features: use homework host sealed medium, the resistance to chi mechanical seal of pump outlet line imported seal chamber. ( 2) Use: used for cleaning fluid, p1 is slightly greater than p, when high temperature or have impurities, can be set up on tube cooler, filter, etc. 2. The scour ( 1) Features: use homework host sealed medium, by the pump outlet introduced sealed cavity, after scouring through the pipeline flow back to the pump inlet. ( 2) Use: used in cleaning fluid and p into 3. All washed ( 1) Features: use homework host sealed medium, by the pump outlet through line imported seal cavity, wash again after concession road flow back to the pump inlet. ( 2) Use: cooling effect is better than the first two, is used for washing fluid, and p1 and p and p are approached. Second, scouring characteristics: introduction of outside system compatible with the sealed medium cleaning fluid to seal cavity flushing. Use: the flush fluid pressure should be larger than the sealed medium 0. 05 - - - - - - - 0. 1 mpa, suitable for medium to high temperature or the occasion of solid particles. Flush fluid flow should ensure that take away heat, but also need to be satisfied the demand of the scour, erosion of not going to happen on the seals. Therefore, need to control the pressure seal chamber and scouring velocity, often clean the flushing fluid flow rate should be less than 5 m/s; Rich in particle slurry liquid must be less than 3 m/s, to reach the velocity value, flushing fluid and sealing cavity pressure difference should & lt; 0. 5 mpa, usually take 0. 05 - - - - - - - 0. 1 mpa, the double mechanical seal desirable 0. 1 - - - - - - - 0. 2MP。 Flush fluid entering and discharge orifice position of the sealed cavity, should be set in the seals nearby, and should be near the ring side, in order to avoid the graphite rings by erosion or deformation caused by uneven cooling temperature difference, and impurity accumulation and coking, can adopt tangential introduced or more flush. When necessary, the flushing fluid may be hot water or steam.
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