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Pumps with mechanical seal repair

by:Lepu Seal     2020-12-24

now at the request of the production safety and environmental protection request, the scope of the use of mechanical seal pumps with mechanical seal has been more and more widely, industrial kettle with mechanical seal industry equipment adopts mechanical seal to ensure no leakage between dynamic sealing surface. Industrial and chemical pump mechanical seal pumps varieties of heavy and complicated, type also each are not identical, but the walk funnelled there are five main: 1, between the shaft sleeve and shaft seal; 2, between the collar and sleeves seal; 3, between dynamic and static ring sealing; 4, the static ring and static ring sealing between; 5, sealing cover and seal between the pump body. Generally speaking, the collar of overhanging between shaft, sealing cover and pump body leakage of contrast between simple detection and processing, but should be detailed investigation, especially when the job of medium or high pressure liquefied gas, toxic or harmful gases, phase for some more difficult. The rest of the leaked intuitively, it is difficult to discern and discrimination should be in a long time, repair practice, on the basis of investigating the leaked symptoms, analysis and research, in order to obtain accurate conclusion, correctly use and repair.
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