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Pumps with mechanical seal

by:Lepu Seal     2020-03-21
Pumps with mechanical seal is one of the many seals, but unlike kettle with seals, it is mainly used on the pump. For pump sealing requirement is very high, so but where the need to pump, can use it. It in to avoid medium leakage from the seals played an important role. What about its introduction? More than 1, because the water pump for conveying fluid, so water pumps with mechanical seal body material often need to resist the scour impact, high speed of solid particles with the sealing surface of high temperature abrasion, high pressure seal parameter is not stable, the influence of unfavorable factors such as matrix structure corrosion, higher requirements for mechanical seal sealing material, usually an optional sealing surface friction pair material has nickel-based carbide, cobalt cemented carbide, pressureless sintering of silicon carbide, etc. ; Substrate material is optional for 301 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, 316 l stainless steel, etc. 2, different from the kettle with mechanical seals, pumps with mechanical seal sealing medium is liquid, the mixture of solid and liquid and more atmospheric gases, etc. ; While cauldron-using machinery seal used in high pressure gas or liquid gas mixture. 3, pumps with mechanical seal are delicate, complex mechanical structure is one of the basic element, is the key to the pump mechanical parts. The sealing performance and service life depends on the selection, the precision of the machine, the correct installation use, etc. There are many different kinds of pumps with mechanical seal. Different models. Usually the inside of the water pump for liquid medium must not leak, otherwise it will affect the use of the pump, pump seal it with the mechanical seal, if you need it to a certain extent, to avoid the risk of leakage of pump. If be used on other equipment such as the reaction kettle, may effect is not very ideal.
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