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Teflon Bellow Mechanical Seal is designed to handle highly corrosive liquids. 

These mechanical seals are outside mounted with iimple installation procedure and hence cost effective for corrosive media sealing. These has designated as Fixed & replaceable bellow face respectively.

Like most materials every choice has an up and a down side. Because PTFE will handle most chemical applications, chemical attack is no longer an issue. One the down side PTFE wedges can cause fretting of your sleeve or shaft if you have not hard surfaced your shaft or sleeve (plasma coating).

The stationary element of your seal will require a PTFE gasket. It's not much good to have a PTFE on the rotary and then use an elastomer on the seat. We have seen it done, and because it is a static application some have gotten away with it, but it is not recommended. Most commonly the seat will be a L-shaped or Clamped mount style to allow space for a PTFE gasket to be used as the secondary sealing element.

Lepu seal is one of the leading ptfe bellows manufacturer since 1998, offer almost all kinds of mechanical seal, include ptfe bellows or teflon bellows seal, like WB2, WB3 or salt water ptfe seal. and Lepu seal also accept OEM orders, and provide high quality ptfe bellows seal for the clients from many different countries.

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