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probe finds \'flood\' of fake military parts from china in u.s. equipment

by:Lepu Seal     2020-06-30
Larry ShaughnessyThe results more-than-year-
Senate long-term investigation into the use of counterfeit parts in the United StatesS.
Military equipment was announced on Monday.
Like they did in the first place.
Investigators blamed China for most of the blame.
\"Our report outlines how a large number of fake parts from China threaten national security, military security and US employment,\" Sen said . \". Carl Levin, D-
Chairman of the Senate Military Committee that initiated the investigation, Michigan.
The investigation began in 2011.
However, the behavior of committee staff is not easy, because as part of the investigation, the Chinese government refused to issue visas to committee staff to mainland China.
Last year, thanks to the fact that the committee was still fighting for visas, Sen. John McCain, R-
Lancelin, a Republican on the committee, said, \"it should be in China\'s interest not to fake these electronic parts, because it will also harm legitimate Chinese companies.
\"The Commission has examined in detail about 1,800 cases of suspected counterfeit parts.
More than 1,800 counterfeit parts were involved in 1 million cases.
Investigators dug up three suspected counterfeit parts in the US in the supply chain. S.
Military Aircraft: But the Commission does not retain all responsibility for China.
Some of them are directed directly to the Pentagon itself.
The report said that in the three cases that the commission investigated in depth, the Ministry of Defense did not know that counterfeit electronic components were installed on certain defense systems prior to the Commission\'s investigation.
Although the report has just come out, the Commission has taken action to deal with the issue.
Levin and McCain proposed an amendment to the 2012 Defense Authorization Act to address weaknesses in the defense supply chain and to promote the adoption of radical counterfeiting avoidance practices by the Defense Department and the defense industry.
The amendment was passed in a final bill signed by President Obama on December 31, 2011.
Part of the law will mean that when a contractor finds a bad part on the weapon system, the contractor or part supplier will pay for the repair of the problem.
In the past, these costs were often borne by the Ministry of Defense.
Pentagon spokesman Colonel
Melinda Morgan responded to CNN\'s report: \"We know (
Senate Military Committee)
Their report on counterfeit parts has been released and is looking forward to review.
This department attaches great importance to the issue of counterfeit parts.
We are actively working to address this issue, including the implementation of section 8.
18 of FY12 NDAA.
Levin and McCain hope the aggressive action against fake electronic parts will help countries outside the US military.
According to the Commission, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA)
Say, \"fake costsS.
Semiconductor companies are more than $7.
SIA says 5 billion of the annual loss of income has led to the loss of nearly 11,000 U. S. jobs.
CNN sought a response from the Chinese embassy in Washington, but did not receive an immediate response.
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A large part of the problem with Venta m calis caliente Gafas Oakley Baratascomprar polo lauren is that there are loopholes that allow these parts to enter the supply chain.
I am aware of the investigation into NVG and counterfeit parts, in which the supply manager was not properly trained to manage paperwork and accountability.
An authorized repair shop is doing business with a leaflet informing the force \"send someone to repair/reset because we don\'t need paperwork \".
The person submitting the part application is dealing with the approver who has a grudge against those who continue to order.
He only approved the purchase of his associates and rejected others who have been in the United States/They fight since they started.
Denial opened the way for fraud, and the temptation to ban paperwork further enacted it.
Authorized manufacturer stopped production of all parts due to order stop.
The American people have to bear the cost of rebuilding.
Roll out the product line and speed up, as well as the personal interests of those who sell parts to units as \"new\" when renovating and counterfeiting them-definitely 100% instead of MILSPEC.
You can\'t just blame any institution or any organization.
This is a lack of communication and a lack of training for new property holders who normally rotate every 6-24 months.
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I work in the Department of Defense procurement support. DOD lets DLA (
Bureau of defense logistics)
Buy garbage and make a fist, saying they are the preferred purchasing agency.
No check, no verification, just put it in the warehouse.
We make more parts in China than Wal-Mart. Mart!
I say it thousands of times, you just can\'t believe the guys in China! ! ! ! !
I bet they \'d say the same thing to us. eye devils.
The only way to solve this problem is to solve root-
The reason is greed.
Because greed has become a huge global problem, it is difficult to solve it.
However, I have a simple solution to solve this problem.
Stop sending emails
Waste for third world countries
None of these countries have a magical electron.
They put these things in and let it magically disappear.
They, the brilliant people who think send our emails
Waste is a good idea for China, think the Chinese will do this?
Pushing the problem to the manufacturer\'s soley does not solve the problem.
The government should be blamed in large part because the government allows such transactions to occur and allows US companies to do a lot of outsourcing/development.
I think there are a lot of misconceptions in the comments.
First of all, the Chinese are not making these fake chips.
Instead, they are harvesting chips from the 3 million tons of e-waste we send them each year.
Harvesting Technology (
As detailed in the report)
-Even if it is the right chip, it usually does not lead to unreliable chips. (
For a video tour of China reprocessing, see).
Second, most semiconductors are made in this country.
Still, we need Congress to do more to keep it high.
S. Technology industry. g.
Permanent R & D tax credits, more visas for foreign students we educate here, and then throw them out so they can go back to their country to compete with us, etc.
We spend $600 and billions of dollars a year on defense, and we can\'t afford to build these things here?
No wonder China can go from 0-
60 against them.
Ship-mounted missiles, 5g fighters and other hardware.
We give them the blueprint and say \'Please build this, oh yes, we may use it to kill you when the whole situation in Taiwan breaks out, so build it too. I am Palin.
So, I\'m dirty.
Why is the defense commission going to China to investigate?
The liar who put cheap Chinese parts instead of real American parts here is in the United States. e.
Defense contractors.
In all countries, it is the Department of Defense that makes defense equipment, but in the United States, the company is God, and it has to be outsourced so that big companies can make huge profits by endangering US security. D. . E. . F. . E. . N. . S. . E! check the f-22 ?
Chinese parts?
Should it be American parts? but are not ?
That\'s why it doesn\'t work?
S. Defense companies should not buy these parts from China in the contract. .
All of this should be pulled in front of Congress and then fined billions of dollars. It has never been known how American high-tech companies export products to China.
You would think that they have now learned that sending the work to China is basically a public invitation to steal their intellectual property and put it in a cheap copy.
But most of these companies clearly do not understand that short-term gains come at the expense of greater long-term gains.
But, of course, they can only care about what shareholders want tomorrow.
They always seem to forget that if a company does the best thing to maintain their products, the stock price will decide on its own in the long run.
Very good. I want to have a beer with you. lolTrue.
Executives want a dollar today at the expense of tomorrow\'s bankruptcy.
They do this because their bonus is many times their salary and they only get a generous bonus if the profit exceeds the target.
To expand their profits, they are cutting RnD costs significantly.
That\'s why American companies are falling behind.
It broke me down.
Fucking funny.
\"We will find it if it is outside.
\"It seems like an ordinary sales strategy with the hard of the supplier. to-find parts. .
The euphemism for parts recovered from abandoned equipment is likely to be excess inventory.
These brokers may ask for iso9001 certification, but I would like to know what are the requirements in terms of verifying the genealogy of the parts they sell.
If the management of the company doesn\'t make a policy and people are under pressure to catch up with the deadline, then I can see how wishful thinking overthrows good judgment.
Another problem is that the purchaser is not fully aware of the engineering impact of the use of edge parts and design works, and is not fully aware of the pitfalls of poor source selection.
Why are contractors allowed to make these important parts in China?
What\'s wrong with making them in America? S. ?
The country should make all military goods.
The answer is simple, profit and greed!
Is JP Morgan Chase decent? When Moran Stanley warned their favored customers that their Facebook IPO would fail, did they follow the rules?
No, Chase will pay attention to the grand prize if their adventure bet goes well.
Morgan Stanley has billions of dollars in stock to sell to fools so they can make a big profit!
Can we blame the defense contractor for the same bet?
If all goes well, the profit is bigger!
If not, call the taxpayer to pay for it!
Remember, we absolutely have to relax in order to improve our economy! Ha, ha, ha!
Excellent posts and live.
Tried, failed.
In our global economy, we do not do everything necessary to meet the hardware needs of the Department of Defense.
Due to the lack of materials and parts, the passage of such a bill prevented the Ministry of Defense from completing its mandate.
If we can\'t create everything we need, then we should create everything we need.
We\'re talking about defense.
I was wondering if those fake parts found their way on a Russian airliner that crashed a few weeks ago?
No problem. They will only be themselves.
When their navigation signals are close to Chinese territory, distracting, the chip will surprisingly transfer your data for free.
Our phones, smartphones and most of our computers are made in China.
Our government and the Pentagon say they are enemies and they will spend trillions of hours of overtime to support a large navy against them.
Some Chinese engineers will never add some extra circuitry to their phones, smartphones and PCs?
Like listening to anyone, finding anyone, turning off your device at any strategic time?
Imagine that the entire phone system was paralyzed because they succeeded?
They can deny that they did it.
You trust the Chinese, you pay the fee.
Chinese men and wives have told the media that they will have white children.
Nine months later, the white baby was born. Press ask how.
Chinese say: Wooly, wooly, I\'m not a fool, scatter javex on my tool and we will wash it off with pepper if you want to know where the yellow goes.
Just curious if your father or mother was raped by a Chinese, accidentally, you were born?
If you don\'t like Chinese or Chinese products, don\'t buy them.
Throw it away if you don\'t like your iphone.
Look at your home, which part is not made in China.
Who told you we did a good job?
No one except the United States eats American beef.
Because only we eat mad cows.
No one eats genetic food outside the United States.
Only your country, there are some super fat stupid guys like you at home, complaining about the world.
I don\'t understand.
Whenever my company makes parts for the army, we have to use raw materials from the United States and make parts in the United States.
Then a government official will check all the paper work, check the report and make sure that all of our X and T\'s crossedI work as circuit board designers for the defense company and each component must be Mil-
Meet the specifications.
The supplier must be in Mil-Specs.
If non-spec parts are used, they must be recorded and approved by the Department of Defense procurement.
Obviously, some contractors have purchased cheap components and charged the government for more expensive components.
I say it\'s not American.
Well, just because it\'s a MIL spec doesn\'t mean it\'s made in the US.
A large number of electronic parts are not made in the United States at all.
Unfortunately, there is no choice.
Especially some parts such as chips and capacitors. . .
However, what happens when your company is acquired by a foreign company?
Raytheon, a US defense contractor, is actually a Japanese company.
There is a \"military system department\" dedicated to us\"only. Yeah sure.
Maintain myths at any cost.
Ibm pc division is a Chinese company!
Sorry, Raytheon has never been a Japanese company. IBM sold its personal computer business to Lenovo in China.
If you have facts, put them here, or else it\'s dribble.
Your company is too stupid to avoid buying from the Chinese to make a bigger profit!
The paperwork doesn\'t make any sense and anyone can create the document right away!
As long as the paperwork looks real, who cares?
Follow the Republican Party and relax so that more can happen!
We\'re all going to die! ! ! ! ! !
Maybe only you.
The little guy with yellow skin is not our friend.
You will think that we can rely entirely on the resources of the United States, from raw materials to parts manufacturing for equipment used to defend our country, especially if this is new or experimental.
You don\'t think the Chinese don\'t know what we\'re developing by looking at the parts list that our government is constantly getting? ! ?
What if we go to war or we get nervous?
Our country has no materials or weapons to protect its own security?
This is a major example of the need for manufacturing and production work in the United States rather than overseas. Disgusting. I totally agree. FAILURE! !
This is the result of the summit of the Americas that ended today.
Absolutely Fail!
This is totally awkward for the US and Obama!
His Secret Service agent was caught by a $47 cheap prostitute and military officer, and the Sec state danced on the night the Havana Club became stupid to drink!
Oh yes, it\'s new and improved Nazi Americans!
Shame on the whole planet! Dignity?
Our leaders have no dignity today because they come from the trash in the can! !
Is it just me, or does it seem that our leaders have done everything they can to lower the reputation of our country and our people?
How can anyone on this planet now respect the United States and the American people?
You\'re still wondering why the world hates us? ? ?
Barack Obama is a complete fool!
One of the biggest things he has to say is that part of his \"work\" at the summit is to check his and Michelle\'s next vacation spot!
Is that ignorance or that ignorance!
I am ashamed and disgusted with the actions of the US leaders who have kicked at this summit.
Guess what?
No resolution or consent was given. Surprised?
You shouldn\'t, because all Latin American leaders want to talk about is the sex scandal between the Obama SS and cheap $47 prostitutes! !
This is outrageous!
No, this is ridiculous!
This shows that our country is already in trouble. THE CESSPOOL! !
Sorry, it all started with Clinton, Bush continued on the 2 Th.
We destroyed security long before Obama.
His transparency policy was enforced by ordinary Internet users, which exposed the rampant problems of many years.
No matter who the next president is, this will continue if we don\'t put pressure on them to keep them open to management.
Sorry aaacccc, I don\'t remember Bush\'s secret service guards sleeping with prostitutes at work, and when Clinton was a file keeper, he was better at doing business abroad than Obama.
So, do you trust business man Romney?
What business shenanigans have we just learned in the last few days? Chase (
Use their offshore Office)
Bet on the casino style and lose!
In addition to the customers they favor, Morgan Stanley has not informed anyone that the Facebook IPO will fail!
What we need is more deregulation so 1% people can make more money!
Go to other people!
I made this clear.
We borrow money from the Chinese and return them with fake military parts?
If a business sells you a fake fire extinguisher that is useless and your house is burned, wouldn\'t you sue them?
If we sue them just for their unethical and illegal business practices, it seems like a way to at least reduce the trade deficit with them.
Fake military components must put our soldiers, sailors and pilots in danger.
These parts sneak into the supply chain like fake prescription drugs.
Steve, you don\'t know how the supply chain works.
When I read further, I said you were also a damn liar.
These parts will not \"sneak\" into our supply chain.
Some people use them consciously because they are cheaper.
Why is this not found on the Ministry of Defense entry check?
In fact, I know that these parts can be identified through the exact and thorough inspection procedures established by the government.
This is not a mistake.
Someone intentionally flows these parts into the supply chain and they are doing it smoothly during the inspection process.
Sue a Chinese businessman?
You\'re kidding!
If it\'s so simple, we should sue Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan!
Where are all our good lawyers?
More government pork is simple and clear.
We made it so easy for Phantom to submit huge invoices for payment.
My taxes at work? Nope.
More is to waste from the administrative level to solve a problem that should not have existed.
I don\'t blame China for making fake parts.
I accused the company of buying their supplies from China. Haha! !
So, I don\'t blame drug dealers. I blame people who buy medicine. . . . ?
The first question is like chicken or egg.
We should all blame them.
InnocentUS DOD should never import parts!
This is just another example of a greedy company making big money here or there.
The US military\'s inventory should have been made in the US all the time, and they should be criminally liable if the Defense Department\'s main contractors are caught.
Too bad, they will buy all the politicians with the money they \"take seriously\" overcharged for the previous contract.
If a military contractor buys their parts from China, I think it will be a criminal offence.
Why is the company not punished?
Simple, free trade, no regulations.
Romney wants more!
Greed and profit first!
So, let\'s vote to end regulation and tax cuts for the super rich!
All smartphones in the United States are made in China.
This makes it easier to destroy the United States.
Chinese will never again
Design the components in the phone so they can listen to anyone, find anyone and turn off all the phones in the US, or is that the case?
The first question is: why do we import our military parts from Chinese manufacturers? ! We aren\'t.
It doesn\'t mention \"fake\" in the article \".
They are parts made in the United States and are cheap, and materials sold online and in the United States are not suitable.
Some people posting here are very stupid and should avoid confirming this by posting.
It is very stupid to get parts from your opponent.
Of course they will destroy our army.
We buy from the company.
They buy from China.
China is not a country that violates the law.
The United States should require all companies engaged in defense-related projects to make all relevant components in the United States, without exception.
It may be expensive, but so is the life of the men/women we wear in uniform, which is good for our economic health. .
Are you suggesting that American workers should be hired to make a living? Why?
There are so many workers in China who are eager to do nothing!
Everything is about greed!
Who really cares about American workers?
This is already a requirement. This is law.
Someone is cheating.
Good idea, but not only do we buy equipment from China, but we also buy a lot of military equipment from European countries.
I was very surprised and ashamed to read this article. . . .
The committee criticized China for not shutting down fake manufacturers. . . . .
\"Shirk responsibility and blame others!
Shouldn\'t it be your responsibility to check the components before using them?
If you buy a fruit with bugs in it, will you use it?
The whole manufacturing process, not to mention that the components related to defense have been outsourced, is a shame.
Now, China has effectively controlled US military departments? What a shame!
What are they talking about?
Are these parts incorrectly marked as MIL-STD-
883 qualified or have other problems?
I seem to remember half of us in the last few years
The manufacturer was also found to have done the same thing.
When it comes to sourcing, the Defense Department is a common joke that they have long abandoned science and engineering in favor of a group of superficial lowslevel (
Management type.
The hardware is just the tip of the iceberg, and the real hidden time bomb is their buggy and poorly tested software.
This is a good question and one that is not mentioned in this article.
Some are recycled.
The old electronics were sent to China, taken apart, the chips polished and returned to the market as new products.
Some are produced by a second-party manufacturer, the quality assurance is incomplete and then labeled incorrectly (
Basically put a grade A on a grade B product).
We certainly don\'t want a $0. 3 billion plane to crash because a 1985 VCR chip is polished and sold as a new product.
The problem is, once everything is assembled, how do we identify the chips that are assembled in the sub-chips
Standard \"clean room \".
I would have thought that maintaining the entire supply chain for military parts in the United States, rather than disrupting the supply chain in the United States, and helping to build a supply chain in the United States, in the interests of national security, a country that sometimes looks hostile to the United States and the West as a whole.
Yes, the initial purchase of parts made in the United States may cost more, but in the long run will it be cheaper for the jobs it creates and the taxes that these jobs pay?
I know there is a problem with our sourcing process! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Hahahahahahahalololololololololololololool fap soi soiI has been providing MIL spec cables to the military in the electronic wire and cable industry since 1985.
There were thousands of US and Canadian manufacturers we supplied at the time and found that us dnd officials were approving parts from China and India at a record speed to save costs.
From 1986 to 1999, I personally wrote dozens of letters stating that most of the foreign parts were unqualified or counterfeit.
Congress and DND once again ignored this and tried to save money, but caused thousands of North American suppliers to close with only one hand left.
It is not until now that they have taken steps to accuse China. This is not the answer.
S. Inspectors in China and India are paid the same as officials in these countries. The answer is simply to force the remaining manufacturers to bring production back to North America for final control of 80. .
Steve, Congress didn\'t ignore it and they fueled it because of their many big donors and we are deeply involved in outsourcing the processes and work you mentioned in China/India etc.
Combine it with closed-loop engineering and logistics career roads in the Defense Department.
Project officers no longer need to return to the site/fleet to live or actually experience the consequences with their shortcuts and trade --offs.
It gives them a sigh of relief that they usually only care about getting the latest genius --
Bang system because as we all know, the promotion is done like this and will not solve the lingering problem.
Most of the engineers graduated directly from the University to the Ministry of Defense, and the use of these systems in real-world environments often did not have practical military experience.
So they don\'t really understand or appreciate the maintenance.
Defense Ministry Civil Service World is poster child of Peter principlee.
Promote idiots so they can do damage elsewhere.
This often creates an upper layer full of complete ignorance.
It all speaks to our soldiers, sailors, pilots and Marines who managed to get the job done despite the crazy culture of running things. BS steve!
You know nothing about the Defense Department investigation. NOTHING!
Defense the Department of Defense of procurement know nothing.
They are all outsourced to contractors who cut corners.
In this way, when something fails, it is someone else\'s fault.
I know that my business is a professional alloy supplier for DOD contracts (
Since 1983)
We have been shocked by the past 10 years.
We always follow the rules. Our return is the loss of the order.
Unless you are not a US company, it is very expensive to meet all the requirements of the government.
This is not a mistake.
This is intentional.
In fact, there are many people in the United States. S.
Including military and politics, they really don\'t like the United States.
The policy that forced the US governmentS.
Technology to go directly to China (Clinton)
To obtain regulations that force the United StatesS.
As a result, manufacturers outsource everything, including intellectual property, or go bankrupt.
Even idiots do the right thing sometimes.
This whole failure is not done to idiots.
This is intentional.
I have been in the electronic wire and cable industry since 1985 to provide the military with MIL-spec cables.
There were thousands of US and Canadian manufacturers we supplied at the time and found that us dnd officials were approving parts from China and India at a record speed to save costs.
From 1986 to 1999, I personally wrote dozens of letters stating that most of the foreign parts were unqualified or counterfeit.
Congress and DND once again ignored this and tried to save money, but caused thousands of North American suppliers to close down with only one hand left until now, only then did they take steps to blame them for not being China.
S. Inspectors in China and India are paid the same amount as inspectors from these countries. The answer is just to force manufacturers to bring production back to North America in order to have better control. You are spot-on. My company (US)
Is a supplier of government contracts and our business has fallen sharply over the past 10 years.
We have strict inspection and constant requirements to produce paper marks for components of MIL specifications to prove that all our materials are made in the United States.
We have lost too much business to China and India, and I have been wondering how they get business when the requirement for us is \"must be fully produced in the US.
I support parts made and produced in 100% USA for all military applications, but you will think after hearing such a sound, \"What is H @ LL? !
\"Our own army is cheating on us, and our businesses are eager to work.
It all comes down to the universal dollar, and every day we get more and more valuable.
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