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Oil seal mechanical seal related introduction

by:Lepu Seal     2020-12-24
Relevant introduced 2020 - oil seal mechanical seal 8 - 11 oil seal is one of the mechanical seal, he mainly divided into u-shaped coil and shield, both of which also known as secret, here is to have a look at the detailed introduction of the two. 1, U, U times is the most commonly used in the hydraulic cylinder oil seal, it is a kind of typical lip seal, no matter for the piston and piston rod can obtain good sealing effect. U circle under the condition of low pressure, only rely on the lip of the interference seal deformation, due to the contact area is small, the friction is relatively low. With increasing pressure, lip shape deformation increase, tensile, compression and bending stress increases, the u-shaped coil radial clamping force automatically, increasing the length of the contact with the sealing face, until the entire U axial length and sealing surface contact, to ensure good sealing under high pressure. 2, dust ring, all hydraulic cylinders must install shield. Piston rod on the way, dust will adhere to scrape off the dirt on the surface, protecting seal ring and guide sleeve from damage. Double-acting shield with auxiliary sealing function, scrape off the inside lip adhesion in the piston rod of the oil film on the surface, thus improve the sealing effect. See the above content, believe that everyone has know the relevant knowledge of the oil seal mechanical seal.
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