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new grundfos pumps at the cutting edge.

by:Lepu Seal     2019-10-25
Grant announced the launch of the new series SE and SL9-
30 KW sewage pump with S-
The company said that the pipeline impeller involves advanced technology to solve the actual problems of customers.
\"The SE and SL series of sewage pumps provide the highest efficiency on the market.
Grundfos\'s innovative technology brings together intelligence, motors, hydraulics and functionality to meet the challenges of modern wastewater to maximize the hydraulic, electrical and mechanical efficiency of pumps.
These pumps can be used for applications requiring a low working time, a dry substance content higher than 5%, and a spherical free passage up to 100mm, or with S-
Suitable for applications requiring a high working time, a dry substance content of up to 3, and a spherical free channel of up to 160mm. \"The S-
Tubular impeller is the only type of impeller on the market designed to cope with the modern wastewater challenge of changes in dry matter content.
Simple and robust design of S-
The world of impelleroffers
\"First-class hydraulic efficiency without affecting freepassage,\" the company stressed . \".
Built for years of trouble
The SE and slrange can be submerged or dried for installation without cooling the motor.
In addition, they are very reliable and the service is very convenient . \"
Application of the SE and SL range of the pump to treat heavy-medium wastewater, process water and unscreened raw sewage
Municipal, utility and industrial applications.
They can be installed permanently using anautocoupling guide-
Rail system or fixed pipe connection;
The pump is also suitable for independent installation or use as a portable utility pump.
Grundfos list the features and benefits of these pumps: * IE3 motor efficiency, which saves a lot of energy and cost.
* Intelligent adaptive control ensures reliable operation with low power consumption.
* Integrated analog sensors provide complete monitoring of pump status.
* Lifting handle designed for the best point-of-
Balance and correct lift. * Smooth, easy-to-
The clean surface is very powerful. resistant.
* 1 cable for the pump, simplifying the installation, commissioning and maintenance of the pump. * Moisture-
The anti-connector ensures that the liquid does not penetrate into the motor.
* PatentedSmartSeal automatic
Fully leaking coupling gasketProofreading. * Easy-to-
Special tools are not required to remove the bolts for pump repair.
* Double mechanical shaft seals ensure longer running time and reduce downtime.
* The short shaft reduces vibration to protect the shaft seal and bearing.
* Closed cooling system for drying installation.
* Choice of super whirlpool or S-tube impeller.
* Smarttrim allows easy adjustment of the impeller clearance for maximum pumping efficiency. S-
Key to tube S-
The tube is simple in design and does not have cutting or moving functions that wear over time, thus ensuring consistent, superior efficiency over time. The S-
The pipe impeller is atube-
The forming device placed in the pump shell, matched with a smooth tubeshape through the entire pump, has no obstacles or dead zones in the hydraulic system. The S-
Pipe impeller and new pipe hydraulic supplied by pump: world-
The first-class hydraulic efficiency is as high as 84 without affecting the free passage;
Spherical free channels up to 160mm means better solid handling and greater non-
The ability to clog, and the simple and sturdy design like a tube, can lead to longer life and lower maintenance costs.
\"High Design-
Traditionally, high-efficiency impeller has been challenged to prevent reflux, vibration, wear and blockage. The Grundfos S-
\"The pipe impeller meets and exceeds all of these challenges,\" the company said . \".
\"In addition, we have tested S-
Prior to release, the pipes in hundreds of wastewater installations around the world had good results.
Our customers experience lower levels of noise and vibration, lower maintenance, and better non-
More than ever, there is the ability to plug. \" The S-
Pipe impeller: simple, sturdy and efficient Grupo emphasizes that the key to the energy list is total efficiency-
The total wire-to-
Water efficiency.
It says that while there will be electrical, mechanical and hydraulic losses in the sewage pump, Glencore is able to master all of this without reducing reliability.
Electrical Efficiency--
The IEC 60034 standard sets minimum efficiency requirements for the motor, but only for the fan
Cooling motor standard motor.
\"When Glencore marks a potential sewage pump with efficiency such as \'ie3\', we will always be able to provide a type
Grundfos said: \"According to the iec 60034 standard, the test certificate of the motor components is tested in the execution of the standard motor, which is your guarantee of the validity and credibility of our communication content.
Mechanical efficiency--
The efficiency of the pump is only interesting if reliability is not affected.
To ensure the structure of the key components is strong, it uses a cone roller bearing, says Mr granrich.
Although the loss of cone roller bearings is higher compared to ordinary roller bearings, the company decided to keep these types of bearings for a longer lifeduty operation.
Granville seals with shaft.
Itspumps is equipped with dual mechanical shaft seals in the cartridge solution.
This sturdy structure consumes extra energy but ensures longer running time and less downtime.
In the absence of special tools, the replacement is easy to complete on site.
Hydraulic efficiency--
\"There has been a debate in the tradition --
Reduce blockage and improve efficiency between hydraulic free channels.
Grundfos addresses this traditional compromise to be able to provide a sewage pump system that delivers superior hydraulic efficiency without compromising the free passage, \"the company said.
Grant recalled that it was drafted and passed so-
Known as The EuP instruction, the ecological design requirements for energy are set for the electric motorUsing products (EuPs)
In the EU.
As a technology leader in high technology
The efficiency car company has invited grant to help with the technical aspects of legislation.
\"We also set our own standards to ensure the best driving efficiency for our customers.
We ensure that our motor technology meets the actual needs of applications that install pump systems or solutions ---
Focus on reliability and efficiency.
We call it Grundfos Blueflux, which guarantees the highest motor efficiency of Grundfos.
The total efficiency of the pump system or solution with aGrundfos Blueflux is much higher than that of similar solutions and greatly reduces the cost of life cycle.
\"Grandrich is the world\'s largest pump manufacturer with its headquarters in Denmark and around 17,000 employees worldwide.
These pumps and pump systems have an annual output of more than 16 million units, with circulating pumps, submersible pumps and centrifugal pumps accounting for about half of the world market.
Granfu also produces motors for pumps, as well as a large number of motors for sale separately.
In addition, it develops-of-the-
Artelectrooper for pump and other system control.
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