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This is a products group for metal bellows seal. Metal bellows products are used in a wide variety of industrial and mechanical applications and are designed to compress, extend, or bend to absorb axial and angular movement. These bellows consist of one or more convolutions made from thin sheets of metal, allowing them to compress and expand without losing their structural integrity. The benefits of using Metal Bellows include their ability to withstand high temperatures, corrosive environments, and extreme pressure conditions. Metal Bellows also offer excellent leak-tightness, ensuring the containment of gases or liquids within a system. 

Metal Bellows provide precise control over motion and alignment in machinery while reducing stress on connected components. Their durability and reliability make them essential elements in various industries including aerospace, automotive, HVAC systems, and semiconductor manufacturing processes where precision engineering is crucial for optimal performance.

As a professional metal bellow seal manufacturer, Lepu seal prepare high precision machine for metal bellows item. Lepu seal cover many metal bellow mechanical seal products, include below eagle burmann and john crane metal bellows:

MF95N,  MFL 85N, MFLCT8, YE400,  MBS 100,  MFLWT8

JOHN CRANE METAL BELLOWS SEAL 609,  680,  670  606, 515

LEPU SEAL also make metal bellows according user's design, include AESSEAL, ROTEN and other brand.

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