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mechanical seals for zero leakage -

by:Lepu Seal     2020-01-13
A ...The pump contains several basic...as ...Housing...the water.2) the impeller connected to the rotating shaft of the moving water.3) the coupling through the centrifugal pump contains the following basic components: 1) the shell that holds the water.2) the impeller connected to the rotating shaft of the moving water.
3) transfer the rotation action of the motor (or other prime mover) to the coupling of the pump shaft.4) sealing between the housing and the rotating shaft.5) bearing to ensure smooth rotation of the shaft.
6) used to guide the flow through the inlet and outlet ports of the pump.In order for the pump to work, the pump impeller must create pressure within the pump shell.The seal between the pump and the rotating shaft plays a vital role in the operation of the pump.
One of the most common ways to use a mechanical seal to seal the rotating pump shaft.The three components of the mechanical seal are: 1) rotating parts that move together with the rotary axis.2) stationary parts fixed on the pump shell.
3) press the rotating part axial to the spring on the stationary part.This is a ring, usually made up of two materials-Asoft carbon sheet with highly polished axial surface, as well as rubber material or o-A ring capable of catching the shaft to prevent water leakage through the surface of the shaft.Although there are some made of ceramic or similar hard materials, the fixing ring is usually made of stainless steel.
The axial surface is also highly polished.Around the fixing piece, a piece of rubber o-The ring will be installed to seal the water leakage through the pump shell.The Spring is mounted around the shaft and rotates with the heating part.
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