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Mechanical seal used in petrochemical industry

by:Lepu Seal     2020-03-26
Pumps with mechanical seal: pump depends largely on the reliability of mechanical seals, in petrochemical enterprises, the Shanghai mechanical seal fluid are flammable and explosive, once the mechanical seal leakage failure, not only pollute the environment, affect human body health, and it can cause fires, demolition and other major accidents. We mainly from the petroleum refining pumps with mechanical seal sealing structure under different working condition selection, decline in reaction kettle mechanical failure rate, progress using reliability. 1. High temperature heat pumps with mechanical seal of high temperature heat pump mainly include standard often bottom pump mechanical seal, reduction, catalytic slurry oil pump, the pump is characterized by high temperature ( 370℃- 400℃) , oil viscosity, the bottom impurity. 2. Gasoline and diesel oil pump of this kind of pumps with mechanical seal mechanical seal choose stop structure ( Temperature higher than 200 ℃ pump selection of corrugated pipe) 。 It is to prevent because high-speed mixing heat; The second is to prevent spring torque. 4. Low temperature light hydrocarbon pumps with mechanical seal adopted to add the counter ring tail length and the way such as selection of vice back cover, add light hydrocarbon pump mechanical seal evacuation to resistance. Progress by scouring seal chamber pressure sealing dry conflict in order to prevent the evacuation. From flushing method not only can ensure the seal cavity with higher medium pressure and prevent medium in a sealed cavity vaporization or gas accumulation, and also the conflict in the conflict, deputy heat away in time, a useful control seal face temperature rise, increasing liquid phase area, improve the conflicts. Valve: the valve is no shortage of some petrochemical refining equipment, the use of the valve variety, quantity is big, the chemical industry in the production of medium is highly corrosive and toxic or flammable and explosive, when the valve leakage, not only can form the original materials, energy and products of abuse, and form a serious impact on the environment, and even lead to serious accidents. Therefore, we have the necessary should also pay attention to the petrochemical production valve leakage in the process of doubt. Three, general type seal: along with the advance of static sealing technology, rubber seal products and gasket materials and structure has a great development, is widely used in all kinds of sealing category also, meantime also contains petrochemical category, go in and its affiliated industry will also be encouraged, all of the industrial chain development foreground is very considerable.
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