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Mechanical seal selection skills

by:Lepu Seal     2020-12-27
Mechanical seal selection skills - 2020 10 - 9 what mechanical seal selection skills? Mechanical seal seal selection, working conditions must be considered, so as to choose suitable seal materials and forms, the installation structure. Need to consider the working conditions generally includes: temperature, pressure, medium. Other also need to consider selection according to the characteristics of the device itself. About the temperature, working temperature range in - such as NBR materials 40~+120℃。 The more than 120 ℃ will consider adopting FKM, even PTFE material. Low temperature is relatively rare, generally in - 20 ~ - 40 ℃ to consider the use of the cold resistant NBR, generally the NBR material in low temperature environment leads to harden and cause leakage, such as railway locomotive in the winter in the north is often appear such problems. As for pressure, affect the want to choose the form of seal. Generally low voltage medium voltage selection or PU rubber seal will not have too big problem. But want to consider the problem of a shock pressure, such as construction machinery in the start-up, shut down its impact pressure is greater than the normal working pressure, so will often choose pressure impact of up to 70 mpa squeeze gap HBY or SPGW do give priority to seal. PTFE composite seal is a common choice. /
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