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Mechanical seal parallel plane fluid film model-

by:Lepu Seal     2021-05-08
The fluid film model of the parallel plane of the mechanical seal
Mechanical seal parallel plane fluid film model:
How is the fluid film (pad) formed between the parallel planes of the Flygt pump seal mechanical seal? This can be explained by Stephen’s law to explain the formation of this hydrostatic buffer sting (that is, the buffer of the squeeze film The role of pads>.
For internal (external) pressure sources, the dense cushion can have a certain bearing capacity. The thin fluid film can maintain a stable state because the fluid film has a restoring force. Its position application force is calculated by Stephen. It is related to the fluid viscosity, the normal velocity dh/dt and the relative gap h/l, which can be written as

Its derivation is as follows (some steps are omitted): According to the differential pressure flow formula of the plane gap, it etc.
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The influence of the positive and negative stiffness of the mechanical seal fluid    the bearing capacity of the entire fluid film of the mechanical seal
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