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Mechanical seal mechanical seal material selection and factory analysis

by:Lepu Seal     2020-03-21
More than 100 years, people used in a variety of sealing materials, liquid leakage along the spindle fallen steadily from the pump housing. Although the pump adopts modern technology, is still widely used in the design of packing box, the oldest began because of its low cost and familiar to the factory workers. Mechanical seal factory take many measures. However, due to the environmental problems, adopt the method of packing has been gradually can't be accepted, especially common in the process of modernization, the corrosive liquid. Therefore, in practice, more and more to replace the mechanical seal packing. Mechanical seal manufacturers the static sealing surface on the surface of the rotating seal and the key factor of seal mechanical seal, leakage ways will need seal four people: 1) Pathways between the sealing surface; 2) Surface and the main shaft; 3) access between the On the surface of the gland between fixed way; 4) Gland and access between the stuffing box. Make an analysis for the material of mechanical seal mechanical seal factory: two generally USES static seal leakage after pathways, because there is no relative motion between two parts. This part of the seal is usually referred to as the triple seal, seal gasket or o - materials The seals to adapt to the process liquid. In the design of new auxiliary seal in a static process, so you can avoid wear and corrosion problems on the spindle. In the normal operation of the pump, rotary and fixed on the surface of the liquid pressure to keep it in box packing seal in the state, the start and stop of the stuffing box pressure by spring pressure. The most important mechanical seal design with soft materials to create a surface of revolution, rotating friction or on the surface of the difficulty. For many years, the combination of the most common is a carbon material as the surface of revolution, to make it run on a smooth surface of the ceramic. From this perspective, the sealing contact surfaces must be dealt with carefully, in strict accordance with the installation instructions, appropriate protection and ensure the correct installation of sealing surface, it is very important. Seal on the choice of main shaft axial and radial motion flexibility needs to maintain a certain degree of flexibility and spring, and to ensure that the contact surface between the seal. However, it can only provide a certain degree of flexibility. Pump mechanical condition and the length to diameter ratio ( Its extension length measuring the diameter of the shaft than a lower ratio, the better) , the reliability of the sealing plays an important role. Seal of flexibility is usually by large the main spring and a series of small spring or bellows seal provides the guarantee. The traditional chemical industry, the sealed pressure applied on the surface of revolution, this as the rotating seal seal, spring or bellows seal with the rotating shaft. New design spring or bellows seal device installed on the surface of the fixed. In today's mechanical seal, two seal has a very wide range of applications, has a certain degree of flexibility for installation. Early many single large spring around the main shaft, pump during starting process, the design of the mechanical seal can provide strong sealing face of the seal. The role of sealing depends on the rotation of the shaft to tighten spring rolls. Design seal with a series of small spring late, arranged in the main shaft, uniform load pressure around the seal face. Due to the small spring can be installed in advance, so most of this type of seal and pump the liquid phase separation.
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