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Mechanical seal materials have any requirements?

by:Lepu Seal     2020-12-16
Mechanical seal materials have any requirements? 2019 - 8 - 16 due to mechanical sealing conditions of use of different, so in order to make mechanical seal sealing is normal, our materials are a lot of mechanical seal requirements, as detailed below to learn about the mechanical seal material requirements. 1. Good material density, leaked to medium; 2. With the proper mechanical strength and hardness. 3. Good compressibility and resilience, permanent deformation small; 4. No softening under high temperature, not decomposition, low temperature hardening, not brittle; 5. Good corrosion resistance in acid, alkali, oil and other media can work for a long time, its size and the hardness change little, and not adhesive on the metal surface; 6. Small friction coefficient, wear resistance, good; 7. Combined with sealing surface softness; 8. Good aging resistance, durable; 9. Manufacture is convenient, cheap, made easy. Looked at the above content, believe everybody already know mechanical seal material requirements.
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