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Mechanical seal manufacturers, what are the precautions for the mechanical seal of running!

by:Lepu Seal     2021-01-10
Mechanical seal manufacturers, what are the precautions for the mechanical seal of running! 2018 - 6 - The major parts of the mechanical seal is chemical centrifugal pump. Zhang liao is the head of equipment department of the equipment, he combined with daily work experience and equipment information, sort out a set of mechanical seal operation notice: mechanical seal before running note: 1, the comprehensive check that the mechanical seal and accessory devices and pipeline installation is complete, intact. 2, according to the pump rotate to turning, check whether the light evenly. Such as turning demanding or not move, you should check if the assembly installed. Mechanical seal parking operation and matters needing attention: 1, before the start of open the pump inlet valve, keep the sealed cavity filled with liquid. For conveying medium of solidification, the application of steam heat seal chamber to melt medium. Prior to start turning, in order to prevent sudden start moving and static ring damage. 2, for the use of pump WaiFeng oil system of mechanical seal, should start the sealing oil system. Stop after the last stop in sealing system. Not immediately stop after 3, hot oil pump shut down the oil sealing cavity and end face seal cooling water, should be end face seal oil temperature has dropped below 80 degrees, can stop the cooling water, so as not to damage the sealing parts. 4, after pump start-up if there is a slight leakage phenomenon, should be observed for a period of time. Such as 4 hours of continuous running, still don't reduce the leakage, should stop the pump to check. 5, the operating pressure of the pump should be smooth, pressure fluctuation ≮ 1 kg/cm2. 吗? 6, pump operation, should avoid to or cavitation phenomenon, lest cause sealing surface dry friction sealing surface damage. 7, operation, such as leakage over standard ( Heavy oil ≮ 5 drops per minute, light oil ≮ 10 drops/min) Still no improvement, such as 2 to 3 days, you should stop the pump checking sealing device. After 8, parking, steam or nitrogen) in time The pipeline and the pump body material purging clean, then close the import and export valves. Click more mechanical seal manufacturers information: /
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