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Mechanical seal manufacturers to teach you how to clean the mechanical seal!

by:Lepu Seal     2020-12-20
Mechanical seal manufacturers to teach you how to clean the mechanical seal! 2018 - 5 - 25 mechanical seal mechanical seal manufacturers to teach you how to cleaning equipment, mechanical seal machinery industry are more understanding, mechanical seals used for a long time will be easy to dirty, dirty after also to cause a decline in life expectancy, here we speak today is how mechanical seal external dirty wash clean? Mechanical seal external flushing method is a lot of people don't know, it is different from its flushing is setting up a set of flushing fluid system, but is more of a process system choose a sealing medium pressure is higher than that in the temperature lower than that of mechanical seal medium, and compare the rinses clean liquid, to flush sealed cavity, requires the selected rinses after entering medium does not affect the product quality and quality. So-called mechanical seal external flushing is one of the most used in flushing method, commonly used in the medium containing particles and more impurity seal, setting up rinses system, equipment complex, increase the cost, only in the medium sealing is very strict, choose the appropriate rinses from process system, is the most simple and reliable method with flushing, but in the process system is to seal medium have optional rinses. Properly selected, using external flushing, as long as the flushing fluid structure design is reasonable, can greatly improve the mechanical seal life more mechanical seal manufacturer information click: /
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