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Mechanical seal manufacturers tell you real use of mechanical seal device

by:Lepu Seal     2021-01-15
Mechanical seal manufacturers tell you real use of mechanical seal device. 2018 - 5 - 14 mechanical seal device and the use demand: it is necessary to work host status kindway pump mechanical seal conditions choose suit type mechanical seal material matching to ensure the normal operating industrial pump mechanical seal for use life of mechanical seal device axle housing area 0 radial runout and service. 4 mm rotor axial momentum 0. Mechanical seal 1 mm device to stop positioning end face sealing shell shaft straight 0. 4 mm mechanical seal device necessary collar seal cavity seal fluid dynamic pressure bearing shaft shell with axis 1) Necessary article according to the working condition of Marine mechanical seal with the host condition selected is suitable for the mechanical seal type and data matching; Ability to ensure the normal work and life. 2) Mechanical seal parts of the shaft ( Collar) The radial runout of public servants should be 0 or less. 04mm; The rotor axial momentum 0 or less. 1mm. 3) Mechanical seal device to stop ring sealing end cover ( Or shell) ; Locating in the face of shaft straight degree 0 or less. 04mm. 4) When mechanical seal device; It is necessary to axis ( Collar) End cover, seal cavity, seal and mechanical seal itself clear clean; Avoid any impurities into the sealing parts. 5) When transporting medium temperature on the high side, too low, or is a rich source of impurity particles, inflammable, explosive, toxic; It is necessary to refer to mechanical seal related specification; Adopt the corresponding resistance sealing, scour, cooling, filtering and so on. 6) Mechanical seal device; Should have the appropriate smooth. According to the product device specification; To ensure that the mechanical seal device dimensions. 7) Equipment before the work necessary to filled with medium; In order to avoid conflict and make the seal failure. 8) The sample of single spring drive mechanical seal; Should be reasonably selected spring handedness; Usually from the stop ring end watch; Shaft turn clockwise; Choose the right spring. Choose the left spring conversely. Click more mechanical seal manufacturers information: /
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