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Mechanical seal manufacturers tell you fracture reason of mechanical seal muscles

by:Lepu Seal     2021-01-15
Tell you mechanical seal mechanical seal manufacturer 2018 - jin department fracture reasons 5 - 23 tell you mechanical seal mechanical seal manufacturer reinforcement fracture reason recently, hear a question, and mechanical seal seal reinforcement with traces of burst phenomenon, but also easy to broken, this is what reason is caused? Mechanical seal factory my teacher explain it to you: the mechanical seal of the department 'reinforcement' fracture reason may have so several aspects: 1, check the material of mechanical seal adhesive strength is low or adding calcium powder is too much. 2, check whether the equipment is no vacuum, or exhaust does not reach the designated position, lead to mechanical seal on the seal area with air bubbles or lack of material forming similar damage phenomenon. 3, mechanical seals, sealing bar is stuck in the mold, if the mold temperature is high, and prone to brittle material, especially the peroxides, is easy to break off the stripping process, due to the leak check process, lead to bad product outflow. 4, whether mechanical seal material itself has quality problem? If seal strength is low, in the process of mold release, will increase the damage of the sealing ring. In a word, we should pay attention to the problems in the meet the above points, especially when the choose and buy seals, look at the supplier's corrective ability, strengthen internal management, reduce the residual bad product. Click more mechanical seal manufacturers information: /
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