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Mechanical seal manufacturers still use mechanical seal structure is characterized by what?

by:Lepu Seal     2021-01-09
Mechanical seal manufacturers still use mechanical seal structure is characterized by what? 2018 - 8 - 30 mechanical seal manufacturers still use mechanical seal structure is characterized by what? From the sealing principle, kettle, discharge chute with mechanical and pump with mechanical seal, but it pumps with mechanical seal together with the use of the working condition and operation technology, as a result, a request in the sealing structure design and sealing system and pumps with mechanical seal, and its characteristics: 1, the inside diameter of stirring shaft vibration and axial channeling cauldron, discharge chute axis to the vertical structure of large diameter of axle, respectively for 178 and 120 mm Φ Φ, suspension of cauldron-using machinery sealing arm length, when mixing, material yield of eddy current in addition to the level of activity, the direction of the up and down cycle will also attack activities, therefore, lead to the stirring shaft radial vibration. Axial thrust for other, mixing, stirring shaft weight of pumps with mechanical seal and material stress superposition of axial load and cause the axial channeling, laminating of these unfortunate elements can lead to seal face bad, liquid membrane is not stable, sometimes the soft seal environment, forming reaction kettle mechanical seal seal failure. 2, the gas phase sealed kettle, discharge chute with mechanical seal most cauldron-using machinery seal is sealed medium in gas, rather than the liquid, because the material in general is not the kettle, as long as the material is full when the kettle is liquid, so the seal when working under harsh conditions, the seals are often in the gas coherent conflict situation, make the seals wear. 3, part load operation materials in chemical reactions within the kettle, the process is temperature and pressure with high temperature and high pressure drop to normal temperature atmospheric pressure; After the new material into the kettle, kettle temperature and pressure in the return to high temperature and high pressure again. Repeated replacement pressure and temperature change, to seal brings bad luck, easy to make attacks hydraulic mechanical seal face deformation and thermal deformation, forming the seals. , temperature and pressure of repeated changes are also prone to speed up the process of aging deformation for sealing ring, lead to seal failure. 4 should be lunch and sealed reaction kettle is commonly vertical device, its installation method: dynamic - Reducer - Frame - The reaction kettle. Mechanical seal between the coupling of flange and the frame, so the mechanical seal replacement can from the axial gap between two axis. The kettle with choose container type mechanical seal, it is a flange, shaft sleeve, short axis and mechanical seal assembled into an organic whole, can you repair alone outside the kettle, and then directly put on, so for easy installation. Discharge chute between shaft and the shaft is not neutral, directly on the shaft mechanical seal, seal the top two drive bearing, installation, to cut off the motor, frame, and then will be fitted with mechanical seal, because the device heavy, talent demand lifting equipment, mechanical seal installation takes work. Click more mechanical seal manufacturers information: /
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