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Mechanical seal manufacturers share surface quality problems

by:Lepu Seal     2021-01-16
Mechanical seal manufacturers to share 2019 - surface quality problem 6 - 5 the surface of the mechanical seal problems what? Will have problem to influence the use of the mechanical seal? Just follow mechanical seal manufacturers to understand together. 1. The effect of friction pair of mechanical seal friction pair rely mainly on two smooth surface ( The ring surface and static ring surface) And the cooling fluid ( Usually oil or water) To cooperate, formed in the process of rotating seal oil film, to absorb a certain amount of pressure to achieve sealing. The two surface has any scratches, rupture or other problems, affecting the sealing effect will directly lead to the oil film damage, seal leakage. Usually choose carbide, silicon carbide, graphite sealing ring, ceramic and other materials, due to the grinding process is relatively simple will therefore not be to the new dynamic or static ring surface cause too big effect, and adopts the method of spray processing friction surface due to process more complex, often occurs in the static pressure seal test leakage phenomenon. 2. Spraying ring surface of the friction pair surface quality problem of quality problem here highlights on the alloy ring spraying friction, adhesive coating can be firm and on substrate directly determines the friction pair could play a role of sealing, especially greater than 50 mm diameter of the surface of the friction pair. Due to the complexity of spraying process, its working temperature curve can not be very good control, resulting in the final stretch marks is seen after grinding, the spider, or the phenomenon such as the drum ( See figure 1) , in general, with the naked eye or touch generally can't make out of this kind of defect. Such although formed multiple wire seal, seal surface but the friction surface to form a good oil film under high pressure, pressure is usually less than 0. 01MPa。 The above is the problem of mechanical seal surface quality. More mechanical seal manufacturer information click:
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