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Mechanical seal manufacturers share matters needing attention

by:Lepu Seal     2020-12-21
Share note 2019 - mechanical seal manufacturers 6 - 3 mechanical seal in both installation and has many matters needing attention in the use, only abide by these rules, in order to better use, mechanical seal manufacturers to share the following matters needing attention. 1, install the seal of main shaft should be 0 or less radial runout. 04mm( 0. 06mm) , moving axial momentum 0 or less. 3 mm, and processing according to the requirements of graphic axis and static ring corresponding parts. 2 seal, seal cavity, axis, machine parts should be clean, must not have the pollution, knock against, scratches, especially to prevent impurities, dirt and particles into the sealed cavity. 3, when installation, it is strictly prohibited collision, brutal beatings, friction pair surface should be absolutely clean. 4, the static ring gland shall have sufficient strength and tighten the screws, when installation to ensure its transverse and vertical axis. 5, with handle gently pressing ring after installation, should scale easily and have certain elasticity; Manual jigger, should function properly. 6, static experiment was carried out to observe whether there is a leak. 7, boot commissioning, pay attention to the presence of abnormal sound. 8, when using the temperature over 80 ℃ forced circulation way makes seal cooling should be adopted. 9, sealing pipe must be unblocked; It is forbidden to dry friction. Looked at the above content, believe everybody already knows the mechanical seal of the matters needing attention. More mechanical seal manufacturer information click:
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