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Mechanical seal manufacturers expect of seal and application

by:Lepu Seal     2021-01-13
Mechanical seal manufacturers expect of seal and application of 2018 - 6 - 9 mechanical seal manufacturers expect of the seals have many tall? Where is the application of the mechanical seal is reflected? 1) Rotary dynamic seal system now many chosen is still a general standard oil seal, the rotation of the request for pressure sealing device can only supply pressure for l - zhejiang mechanical seal factory 3 mpa pressure type oil seal, and the world leading level for 10 mpa. The application of dynamic hydraulic return oil seal in engineering mechanical rotating seal equipment didn't get across. ( 2) Hydraulic cylinder reciprocating motion now most domestic engineering machinery hydraulic cylinder seal system dynamic seal still choose u-shaped seal as the primary sealing system planning. The mid - 90 - s planning of mechanical seal of engineering machinery hydraulic cylinder seal system, beginning with coaxial sealing components and u-shaped seal ring compound planning. In season throughout the world to choose 5 components ( Or 3 components) The hydraulic cylinder piston with a mechanical seal factory ChengHuan combination sealing components of jiashan, making skill is mixed and disorderly, now home during my stay in small batch production, poor quality stability. ( 3) Static static sealing system, sealing system although cancelled asbestos and plant fiber seal products, but the use of polymer liquid gasket is not yet over. Domestic liquid sealant and piping connection of anaerobic adhesive used in hydraulic system of commodity brand is less, and coated skills and quality function there are bound to distance. Outlook: produced research medical packing seal in industry in China will face in the engineering machinery, and other serious topics, high pressure hydraulic machinery industry. Following the introduction of the world's leading science and technology and production skills and national economy development trend after 2000, U introduce leading skills based on engineering machinery industry in China will have a larger development. System of engineering machinery hydraulic system operating pressure and leading, secure job. @ the agent. Sure to promote sealing system planning and production skills to carry out the sealing, therefore, sealing ability of scientific research and seals production industry in China will face in the construction machinery and other serious topics, high pressure hydraulic machinery industry. Can be expected, then the sealing industry in China will no longer be a high energy consumption, low efficiency, the operation mode of the structure of the small-scale peasant economy confused type, and it will be a highly intensive, scale, and low energy consumption, high efficient operation system. By then, the first species to seal in China will be 60% reach the quality standard of the world in the late 80 s and early 90 s, the other will have 15% of the items to the contemporary quality level in world seal products. Our country engineering machinery and the medium and high pressure hydraulic machinery product seal system planning and application level will reach the world in the mid - 90 - s skill level. Click more mechanical seal manufacturers information: /
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