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by:Lepu Seal     2021-01-17
2018 - mechanical seal manufacturer 8 - 2 you know how to prevent pump mechanical seal factory is leaking? In order to keep each other between the sealing surface, spring between the mechanical seal and motor spindle constant adjustment. When the rotation surface using artificial rubber seal, between the spindle and the elastomer will back and forth on the spindle motion. Will this repeat friction, abrasion on the main shaft of anti-corrosion materials, loss of the spindle of the oxide film layer, eventually formed on the surface of the spindle of the friction wear grooves, cause liquid leakage from the groove, and add the necessary maintenance workload or even replace the spindle. In order to solve this problem, generally in the packing box installed a replaceable shaft sleeve. However, the only permanent solution to solve the problem of corrosion and wear is to remove the internal dynamic seal. Now, most of the main seal factory production of corrosion and wear type seal, in order to prevent the corrosion and wear of pump parts. The balance of the equilibrium and non-equilibrium seal mechanical seal has a great influence on the interface of sealing pressure. The sealing pressure is determined by the effective cross section of the seal and the pressure inside the stuffing box. The rotation of the non-equilibrium type sealing surface completely exposed to the opposite side of the section under the pressure range of stuffing box, this kind of circumstance can produce high sealing pressure between the sealing surface, thus makes the work temperature rise, speed up the wear and tear. Under the working conditions of high temperature or liquid has higher corrosion resistance and friction resistance, can greatly reduce the service life of mechanical seal. Try to balance to mechanical seal, can decrease the sealing pressure, prolong the service life of sealing. Commonly used with the steps of main shaft and shaft sleeve, and lower rotating the effective cross section, can achieve the above purpose. But don't seal net pressure regulation to close to zero, because doing so may cause the result of the work between the sealing surface is not stable, and may be due to the sudden change will seal blown away. The answer may be to solve the problem of the seal using non-equilibrium seal, for some services, perhaps using non-equilibrium seal can achieve better results. In some applications, for example, compared with the service life of the seal, perhaps more emphasize on liquid leakage cause security problems. In this case, the selection of sealing may understand choose has high sealing pressure for more hope. Similarly, when choosing the cold liquid seal, the increase in operating temperature may be insignificant. For whatever reasons, when the pressure of the stuffing box more than 50 psi, generally it is recommended to use balance type seal. Inside outside sealing and sealing the most common way is to install the seal in the interior of the stuffing box. But this kind of practice in the seal repair will removed the wet end of the pump, its main advantage is sealed environment is easy to control. Outer seal installation way is to the direction of the static sealing surface upside down, the rotation of the spindle on unit is located in the packing box of the outside of the gland. Seal main has the following five advantages: 1. Easy to install; 2. Costs are relatively low; 3. Can be continuous monitoring and clean; 4. Suitable for not installed inside the sealed small packing box; 5. Because of its location close to the bearing, less influence on the difficulty of spindle deviation. Its main drawback is that the centrifugal force will solid particles from under the seal of the left to the sealing contact surface. Therefore, this type of seal is mainly used in clean and does not contain abrasive liquids. Click more mechanical seal manufacturers information: /
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