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Mechanical seal manufacturer to decrypt the high-speed mechanical seal characteristics have?

by:Lepu Seal     2020-12-19
Mechanical seal manufacturer to decrypt the high-speed mechanical seal characteristics have? 2018 - 6 - 20 mechanical seal and our lives are inseparable from us more and more into, decrypt the high-speed mechanical seal mechanical seal manufacturer today characteristics have? Characteristics of the high-speed mechanical seal: seal structure using more spring, electrostatic, and balanced type seal; Spending power is bigger, stirring power greater than than the friction power, in order to reduce power consumption, seal of end sealing width is smaller, ~ 3 mm) , and reduce the diameter of the rotating parts; Static ring components of compliance is not good, leakage is larger, sex should be considered to improve following the static ring quality and larger than the pressure of the spring; Installation of high technical requirements, especially mobile ring end face and axis vertical height control in 5 microns. The installation of the machine itself is additionally high technical requirements. As a less than 0. Run 30 mm shaft, rotor balance is good, small vibration, sealing box, reliable sealing machine. From the test until the formal installation on the catalytic gas compressor, lasted more than two years. All of the design, manufacture and installation shall be borne by the factory. Is the first time in the domestic use of mechanical seal device. Leakage rate and the service life of the last century import mechanical seal technology, through the identification of the 80 s, China petrochemical corporation. Even so, still not to copy in other similar gas motivation mechanical seal technology. The main reason is the complex structure of mechanical seal technology is difficult. From material to design and manufacture and installation, is a very strict selection, careful manufacture, carefully install. Whether the structure of the product, the more complex, the better, but to perform its functions under the premise of structure as simple as possible. For many years has been exploring for better ways of catalytic gas compressor mechanical seal. In 1994, steam seal test is successful piece of has been used in the two pressure machine. A year later, appraised by China petrochemical corporation. Again in another 3 pneumatic applications, now 6 air compressor installation steam blocking sealing, can vote in March 2004. Long-term practice of steam sealing catalytic ( Or coking) Gas compressor shaft seal is of simple structure, high reliability, easy installation, easy operation and economic good sealing method. Click more mechanical seal manufacturers information: /
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